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Membership Fees:


All memberships are family memberships. A family membership includes your spouse and your children 17 and under (this does not include extended family members).

There are three types of memberships:

Trap and Indoor Range only - $25.00 annually. Only available by mail or in person at clubhouse during limited open hours. See calendar for .22 rifle, pistol or trap league or limited "Open Shoot" times. Required for shooting in any league in addition to league costs. First member from a family pays $8/hour, 15 minute increments. Additional family members pay $4/hour.

Annual Full membership. Outdoor Rifle + Trap and Indoor Range - $85.00 the first year which includes an access card. Renewal memberships are $65.00 during renewal time period, keep your original access card. Includes trap/indoor benefits and adds access to outdoor rifle/pistol ranges. Daily from 8:00am to closing times. Closing is EARLIER of sunset or 8:00pm weekdays, 6:00pm weekends. Look up time for sunset in Garretson, SD. This is not dark, but sunset, about 30 minutes before dark. The outdoor range is closed while fields south of the range are actively being farmed.

Annual memberships expire April 1st of each year. New memberships purchased between December 15th and April 1st automatically extend to the next April 1st.

Lifetime Membership for Rifle, Trap and Indoor Range - $750.00. This is a full membership including the access card, but you will receive far fewer emails January thru March than the annual members when the renewal notices go out.

All members are welcome to use the self-serve electric trap thrower. Bring your own clays. Read and follow instructions attached to thrower carefully.




Non-member Options:

          Practice trap:  $5.00 per round of 25 clay targets on Wednesday evenings from 6-9pm  from mid April 'til September. See the calendar for any additional times a volunteer commits to regularly opening the clubhouse/traps during these months. Look for "Open Trap". An self-serve electric trap thrower is available to day pass holders.

          Indoor pistol range usage.  $12.00 per hour with a 30 minute minimum, 15 minute increments.  Additional family members $6.00 per hour. January thru April limited times as indicated on calendar as "Open Shoot".

           Outdoor range usage.   A $20 day pass may be purchase at Gary's Gun shop in Sioux Falls, or The Jesse James Store in Garretson. No credit cards accepted, cash or check only. ONE PASS PER SHOOTER, NOT FAMILY.

           The $20 cost of one day pass may be applied to a new membership if the day pass is included with the membership form. This discount is ONLY available by mail or at the club house.


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Where to buy or renew your Membership

 2021 renewal of 2020 membership is now open.

(If you let your 2019 membership expire in 2020, you must buy a new membership for 2021!)

  • No Credit Cards are accepted for membership unless purchased online or at the club.
  •   Buy at the club while the club house is open. See calendar.
  • No CC or renewals at Jesse James or Gary's!!
  • Buy Day Pass or NEW FULL membership at Gary's Gun Shop in Sioux Falls on 41st St. (No renewals or trap/indoor!)
  • Buy Day Pass or NEW FULL membership at The Jesse James Store (Local Zip Gas Station) 300 Dows Street,  Garretson, SD (No renewals or trap/indoor!)
  • Renew or buy NEW BY MAIL using the Garretson Sportsmen's Club Membership Renewal Form
  • Every year at least one member tries to use a credit card or renew at Jesse James or Gary's. So, again, NO RENEWALS or Credit Cards are accepted at Jesse James or Gary's...

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