The Garretson Sportsmen's Club Endowment

The Garretson Sportsmen's Club now has a fully qualified, charitable endowment administered by the Midway USA Foundation.   This tax free, tax exempt, tax deductable, Youth Shooting Sports Program Endowment is set up and ready to receive funds.

In 2019, all money donated to the Garretson Sportsmen's Club Endowment will be matched by the Midway USA Foundation as a percentage of total contributions that month.  The Foundation will divide $120,000 each month based on the percentage a club receives compared to total donations for all clubs that month. If we are the only club to receive a donation, we would get all $120,000!  There is no upper limit on how much you can donate to this endowment or how often you can donate.  When you make a donation, the Midway USA Foundation will send you a receipt for your tax records.

Once a year the Garretson Sportsmen's Club will be able to withdraw 5% of the funds in our account to offset the costs of youth shooting programs at the Garretson Sportsmen's Club.  Any interest earned by our endowment will be put into our account. Every year the matching portion changes, so please don't wait!

As you make your philanthropic decisions for 2019, please consider a donation to the Garretson Sportsmen's Club Endowment.

As you make estate plans consider that a donation to the Garretson Sportsmen's Club Endowment in your name, a family member or friend's name, will help subsidize youth shooting sports for generations to come.

Garretson Sportsmen's Club 2019