Casino Night

February 16, 2019

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The Garretson Sportsmen’s Club is again hosting a Casino Night for those of you who would enjoy a winter evening of games, food, drinks, and socializing, on February 16, 2019.  Only 150 tickets will be sold for $100 apiece.  That $100 will get you $100 in chips to play with for the evening.  At any time that evening you win enough chips, you can exchange them for one or more of a variety of long guns and handguns. Should you hit a streak of bad luck, you can always buy more chips during the evening! Don't let the image above fool you! The bar does not cost $100, but is cash! You can also buy more chips to reach the chip price of a particular firearm. Our firearms dealer will have a large variety of handguns, rifles and shotguns on display with their pricing in chips.

We made a few changes in the process from last year which we believe will make for more enjoyment this year. First, we will have a broader selection of firearms. No firearms will be transfered that night. All firearms must be picked up at the dealer providing the firearm in the days after the event. This will reduce the paperwork and crowding at the end of the night and let everyone see what is available throughout the night. If you would like a firearm not on display, and if the dealer can get it, you can trade up, at the dealer after the event. Talk with the dealer that night to see if they can get what you are looking for and if they are willing to trade up to that. Guns won on the Wheel of Guns cannot be changed since we have already purchased these. Check out what we have on the Wheel here.

Next, we will have Roulette and Craps along with Black Jack and Texas Hold'em. Like last year, if you are at a table that wants to play something else, as long as the entire table is willing, you can!

We will again have a raffle for a .22 suppressor. You will need to fill out paperwork for this at the suppressor dealer if you win this. You may also apply the cost of this suppressor to any other suppressor they sell.

This event is being held as a fund raiser. 100% of the profits will be used to subsidize youth shooting programs at the Garretson Sportsmen’s Club.

Only ticket holders will be permitted entry. If you would like to purchase a ticket, contact one of the committe members:

Chuck Brown: committee chairman:
Steve Bruce:
Steve Davis:
Andy Hermanson:
Dallas Westover:
Ben Simonson:
Jared Olivier:
Steve Tripp:
Jason Woidyla:

To purchase tickets online and have them mailed to you, use a credit card here:
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Want to see some of the guns available?to check out ONE game!

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